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What is

Copper is an essential mineral in the body involved in regulating iron metabolism, the formation of connective tissue, energy production, and the function of the nervous system and brain.

What are good food
sources of copper?

Copper is in many foods, including nuts, chocolate, mushrooms, whole grains, dried fruits, and liver. Both excesses and deficiencies of copper are rare.

What is
Wilson's disease?

Wilson’s disease is an inherited copper metabolism disorder that leads to copper being deposited in tissues and organs, particularly the liver and brain. It is also known as copper storage disease and inherited copper toxicity. Copper testing is primarily used to help diagnose Wilson’s disease.

What's included?

Trace elements
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Copper Copper is an essential mineral that the body incorporates into enzymes. This helps in the regulation of iron metabolism, energy production and the function of the nervous system. A copper test result is usually evaluated in context with and compared to ceruloplasmin levels.

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