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There's a buzz around Medichecks. Whether it's for our tests, our company story or our doctors' insights, people want to hear what we have to say.

What you need to know about your thyroid


Prima talks to to Medichecks doctor Dr Sam Rodgers about thyroid symptoms and testing.

We Are The City


Inspirational Woman: Helen Marsden, Chief Commercial Officer and Director of Medichecks

Janey Loves


Don't take risks with your health. Journalist and broadcaster Janey Lee Grace features Medichecks.

Women In Trade Magazine


Helen Marsden speaks to Women In trade about balancing home life with a fast-growing business.

Health Triangle Magazine


UK Health Radio is delighted to introduce Medichecks as a new station sponsor.

Agent Interview


Helen Marsden and Alun Hindle speak to AGENT about the Medichecks story to date.

Can you guess who is vitamin deficient?


Medichecks doctor Sam Rodgers discusses vitamin D deficiency in the Mail on Sunday.

Answers at your fingertips


Medichecks CCO Helen Marsden talks to Post Office Magazine about our innovative service.

Thyroid testing - getting the full picture


Health Magazine features Medichecks thyroid testing in their Health Checks feature.

Is your water bottle killing you?


Dr. Helen Webberley comments on the claim that plastic packaging is potentially dangerous for our health

The symptoms men should never ignore


In line with Men's Health Week, Dr Mike Webberley advises on the common health issues men experience and the symptoms men should never ignore.

The Tests You need to Know About


Prima Magazine includes Medichecks tests in their guide to private and home blood testing.

How do I avoid catching parasites when on holiday?


Dr Helen Webberley answers a reader question about the risk of parasites when travelling in the Ask WH section of Womens Health Magazine.

Top Click receive a Drum award for their Medichecks marketing campaign


The Drum awards celebrate the best in online search campaigns, both in PPC and SEO.

Developing a cost management strategy


Medichecks CEO, Alun Hindle, discusses how to manage costs in a fast growing business

Does gargling with salt water really work?


Dr Helen Webberley comments on the potential benefits of gargling with salt water in order to help a sore throat.

Sloan! Magazine have reviewed the Medichecks Essential Detox Check


If you're planning to get fit and want to stick to healthy lifestyle changes, the Medichecks Detox Check package will help you.

Are you in the diabetes danger zone?


Dr Helen Webberley provided comment on the advantages and availability of home testing for diabetes

How vitamin D can give you more energy and lower blood pressure


Medichecks provided tests for an experiment to see if Vitamin D supplements can improve alertness

You type in headache and up pops brain tumour, how much can you trust Dr Google?


Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Helen Webberley, discusses using the web to diagnose your health problems

If you suffer with heart disease this infection could be FATAL - Express


Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Helen Webberley, discusses the ins and outs of pneumonia.

Love your plot but know the risks - The Telegraph


Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Helen Webberley, explains the surge in demand for Lyme Disease tests.

Is your body ageing faster than you - Daily Mail


Medichecks provided the Daily Mail with a number of health check for their study into ageing.

Home testing kits gave me health scare - The Sun


Medichecks provided The Sun with a number of health checks for a journalist reviewing home testing kits.

Why snacking could be GOOD for your waistline - Daily Mail


Medichecks provided the Daily Mail with a number of health tests for their study into whether snacking could be good for your waistline

7 vital health checks every woman SHOULD have - Daily Mirror


Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser, Dr Helen Webberley, provided comment on the seven vital health checks every woman should have.

Health Screening on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours


Medichecks were invited to take part in a debate regarding the benefits of health screening on BBC Radio 4.

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