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Visit our health hub for lots of useful health and lifestyle tips as well as information about our tests and conditions that may affect you.

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Our Team

Meet Our Doctors - Dr Mari Thomas

We are delighted to welcome our newest addition to the Medichecks team, Dr Mari Thomas.

Our Team

Meet Our Doctors - Dr Hamed Kamali

We are pleased to welcome Dr Hamed Kamali to the Medichecks team.

Our Team

Meet Our Doctors - Dr Daniel Grant

We are thrilled to welcome on board our newest member of the Medichecks team, Doctor Daniel Grant.

Our Team

Meet Our Doctors- Dr Emil Hodzovic

Medichecks is delighted to welcome Emil Hodzovic to the Medichecks’ team as one of our doctors.

Our Team

Meet Our Doctors - Dr Sam Rodgers

Dr Sam Rodgers has been reporting on our customer's results since August 2016, and joined us as our Medical Director in 2017. As well as reporting on results, Sam is responsible for our clinical and ethical leadership.

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