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Heart Disease

Heart disease is on the rise

For the first time in 50 years the number of people under the age of 75 dying from heart and circulatory disease is on the rise. Find out if you are at risk and how to keep your heart healthy.

Heart Disease

Eat to Beat: Heart Disease

Learn more about heart-healthy foods to prevent and beat heart disease.

Heart Disease

Good cholesterol turned bad?

For years we have seen HDL cholesterol as having a protective effect against cardiovascular disease. But could new scientific evidence found in 2017 prove this to be wrong?

Heart Disease

Non-HDL Cholesterol - a new marker for cardiovascular risk

We think you'll be hearing more about non-HDL cholesterol - now included in all our cholesterol checks and health screens.

Heart Disease

Homocysteine - a hidden risk factor for cardiovascular disease

Could you have raised homocysteine? The answer could easily be “yes” without you even knowing as there are no symptoms of high homocysteine, yet it is an important independent marker of cardiovascular disease (especially stroke) and even Alzheimer's.

Heart Disease

Inflammation: the hidden cause of our health problems?

It's not just something that happens on the outside. Read about the dangers of hidden inflammation.

Heart Disease

Heartburn - when should we worry?

Heartburn and acid reflux are both very common, and usually just due to an overproduction of acid causing inflammation in the food pipe. The news today highlights that we need to listen to our bodies and any pain or discomfort that persists needs to be checked out.

Heart Disease

Heart Disease Risk - A case study

Timothy called us up about 3 months before his 40th birthday wanting to get his heart checked out. 

Heart Disease

Stroke - can a health screen help determine your risk?

Many of us are familiar with the cardio risk factors but the first thing to say that a heart attack and a stroke are very similar events, the major difference being that a stroke occurs in the brain or causes a blockage to the blood supply of the brain which leads to the classic symptoms of muddled thinking, slurred words and numbness and paralysis - the symptoms are dependent upon which part of the brain is affected. So most of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease also apply to strokes. 

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