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Thyroid Tests

Thyroid problems are common and are thought to affect up to 5% of the adult population with more women than men being affected. Our comprehensive list of thyroid tests can be used to diagnose a thyroid problem or to monitor an already identified thyroid condition. Details on obtaining a thyroid test are below, contact us today for more information.

Key Tests for Thyroid Health


An entry-level test for thyroid function, which measures the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in the blood.


A simple blood test to help determine an overactive or underactive thyroid. Includes TSH and free T4.


An excellent profile to investigate thyroid function. Includes TSH as well as key thyroid hormones FT4 and FT3.


Everything in Thyroid Monitoring (TSH, FT4, FT3) plus reverse T3 (rT3).

Best Seller

Our best-selling thyroid blood test examining levels of TSH, T4, FT4 and FT3 as well as thyroid antibodies for a comprehensive picture of thyroid heal...


This profile includes everything in our popular Thyroid Check Plus (TSH, T4, FT4, FT3 and thyroid antibodies) as well as reverse T3.


This profile includes everything in our popular Thyroid Check Plus as well as ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and CRP-hs.


This profile contains all the tests included in the Thyroid Check Ultra (full thyroid profile with ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and CRP-hs) as well as...


Our most comprehensive thyroid profile taking a complete look at thyroid function, ferritin, folate, vitamin B12, vitamin D and reverse T3.


Thyroxine (T4) is the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland. This blood test measures levels of T4 to help in the diagnosis of thyroid disease.


A blood test to establish the level of T3 (triiodothyronine) - the active thyroid hormone which regulates metabolism in our cells.


T4 (thyroxine) is the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland. Most of it is bound to proteins and while bound cannot be converted into T3. This blood...


Most thyroid hormones are bound to proteins - this blood test examines the level of free, or unbound, T3 (triiodothyronine), the active form of T3.


This blood test is for reverse T3 (rT3) an inactive form of triiodothyronine which can inhibit the action of the active form (T3) in the body's cells.

Advanced Tests for Thyroid Health


This thyroid blood test is used to diagnose an autoimmune thyroid disease in cases where thyroid hormones are outside the normal ranges.


This thyroid blood test does not measure thyroid function or diagnose thyroid cancer. It's primarily for monitoring thyroid cancer treatments.


This blood test will detect thyroid peroxidase antibodies to identify whether thyroid dysfunction is an autoimmune disorder, such as Hashimoto's or Graves'...

About Thyroid Health

Hypothyroidism means that your thyroid is underactive and is most likely to affect people over the age of 50. Hyperthryroidism means that your thyroid is overactive and is most commonly diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40 years old.

Symptoms of thyroid conditions are non-specific and often begin mildly. Many people with thryoid problems go undiagnosed believing their symptoms to be simply signs of ageing. However, thryoid problems can beome debilitating, severely affecting your quality of life. Both an underactive and an overactive thyroid can cause a swelling of the gland (goitre) but many symptoms can be present without this classic sign.

Thyroid problems can be treated effectively through hormone replacement or antithyroid drugs.


Why have a Thyroid Check?

Many of the symptoms of a thyroid disorder are non-specific and can be attributed to other conditions or even no problem whatsoever. it is useful to have a Thyroid Check as a first step to confirm or rule out a Thryroid disorder. We recommend a Thyroid Check if you have 3 or more of the common symptoms.

Symptoms of Thyroid Health

Symptoms of an underactive thryoid include:

lethargy and excessive sleeping

unexplained weight gain

difficulty losing weight

feeling cold (when others are warm)


dry hair and brittle nails


slow heart beat

muscle aches and pains

fertility problems

Symptoms of an overactive thyroid include:

feeling fidgety and nervous

trouble sleeping

unexplained weight loss


frequent bowel movements or diarrhoea

feeling hot and sweaty

hair loss


muscle weakness

fertility problems