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Bowel Health

Irritable bowels are on the rise and doctors offices are full of people who have problems with their digestion causing mild to severe symptoms. Some conditions are serious and others less so, so it is important to diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Bowel cancer is a big killer in the UK, being the third most common type of cancer in men and women. It is essential to catch it early, or even before it has started to develop. A simple Bowel Cancer test is recommended for everyone.

Key Tests for Bowel Health

Best Seller

A bowel cancer test that uses a stool sample to detect small traces of blood found in cancers or in large polyps.

Best Seller

Examine your red and white blood cells vital for carrying oxygen and fighting infection.


A stool test that looks for H. pylori antigens, which indicate the presence of H. pylori bacteria - a cause of peptic ulcers.


This is the primary blood test for coeliac disease, a gluten intolerance that can cause severe digestive problems.

Advanced Tests for Bowel Health


This blood test looks for the levels of tumour markers in the blood. These are proteins that are produced by cancers and can be used to detect unknown...


A more comprehensive blood test for coeliac disease, an intolerance to gluten which can cause severe digestive problems.


A non-invasive stool test to distinguish between inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and non-inflammatory bowel conditions e.g. irritable bowel syndrome ...

About Bowel Health

Bowel cancer in its very early stages leaks small quantities of blood which can be found in the faeces. This test checks for small quantities of blood which could indicate early bowel cancer.

Why have a Bowel Cancer Check?

The earlier that any cancer is detected then the better chance there is of better treatment and even a cure. If we can detect the bowel cancers in their very early stages, before they have spread outside the bowel, then the section of bowel containing the cancer can be removed with the hope of a complete cure.

The FOB test checks for minute quantities of blood in the stool, and can indicate an early cancer that hasn't yet started to cause any noticable symptoms.

Symptoms of Bowel Health

Early bowel cancer will have no symptoms, however if you have any of the following then you should arrange tests immediately and arrange to see your doctor.

  • any change in bowel habit that is new and unusual for you
  • blood in your stools or when you wipe yourself
  • a feeling that you aren't emptying your bowel properly
  • unexplained weight loss
  • unintentional weight loss or a general loss of appetitie
  • weight loss without any obvious reason and/or loss of appetite
  • any unusual persistent pain, lumps or swellings in your abdomen
  • tiredness or breathlessness for no apparent reason – this may be caused by the small amount of blood loss from your bowel, resulting in anaemia