Vitamin D (1-25 Dihydroxy)

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A Vitamin D test is used to determine if bone weakness, bone malfunction or abnormal metabolism of calcium is occurring as a result of a deficiency or excess of Vitamin D, it helps diagnose or monitor problems with parathyroid gland functioning since PTH is essential for vitamin D activation, the list of benefits from taking this test is endless, contact us today to gather more information on obtaining a Vitamin D test also see below for the range of vitamin d checks.

Vitamin D, 1,25-dihydroxy is the active form of vitamin D and is produced primarily in the kidney.

There are two vitamin D tests - Vitamin D (25 OH) and Vitamin D (1, 25 Dihydroxy).

Vitamin D (25 OH) is the better marker of overall D status. It is this marker that is most strongly associated with overall health.

Vitamin D (1-25 Dihydroxy) contains 2 individual blood tests.


We will arrange for you to have your blood samples taken locally to where you live or work.

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We can also arrange for a nurse to visit your home or work to take blood samples. An additional fee of £99 applies to this service.

Same day appointments are available in London. Blood samples can be taken within 30 minutes of placing your order!

Postage & Packaging

Special pre-paid packaging is provided to return your sample safely, by first class post, to our laboratory for testing.

Medical Questionnaire

A Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire is included with this test. It covers important areas such as illness, injuries, medical conditions, medication, family health history and much more.

The Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire provides us with vital information which can affect how your results are interpreted and what advice you receive.

Copy of Laboratory Results

You will have secure online access to your medical reports and results held on our secure web servers. If required, we will also send you a hard copy by post.

Our web servers are secure and protected by the latest SSL certificate. The 128bit SSL encryption assures that information is kept private between our web servers and your web browser.

Blood Sample Kit

A specially labelled blood sample collection kit containing everything needed by a nurse or doctor to take the blood sample. The kit will be unique and coded specifically to you.

Laboratory Analysis

Samples are analysed at a private accredited laboratory.

Interpretation of Results

Abnormal results will be explained and relevant advice provided.

Helpline Card

Your personalised Helpline Card will allow you access free confidential medical advice.

Includes 2 blood tests:

Vitamin D (1
25 Dihydroxy)