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Syphilis Test

A blood test to look for syphilis (VDRL), a bacterial infection which can become dangerous if left untreated.

Syphilis is caused by the treponema pallidum bacteria and is spread through sexual contact with an infected person. It is most contagious in the early stage of infection.

Who is this blood test for

This test is for individuals who believe that they may have come into contact with syphilis through having unprotected sex with an infected person, or who is showing symptoms consitent with the infection.

There are 3 stages of the infection: a sore on the genitals or the mouth which may last between 3 to 6 weeks before clearing up, a skin rash and sore throat which may last a few weeks followed by a latent stage with no real symptoms until it reaches the third and most dangerous stage when serious damage to the body can occur depending which part of the body is affected.

What's included

We will send you your Syphilis Test blood and sample collection kit together with the details of a convenient clinic where you can go and have your sample taken.

Your Syphilis Test includes 1st class postage and packaging for you to send your blood and sample directly to our laboratory for analysis. If you live in an area where you cannot rely on the post or you simply want to ensure that your sample arrives at the laboratory the following day, you may wish to send your blood and sample guaranteed next day delivery for extra reassurance.

Your blood and sample will be analysed at one of our chosen laboratories. You can be assured of fast, accurate results from one of our accredited independent providers of clinical diagnostic tests.
Once you have placed your order you will receive login details to where you can manage your account, track your orders and view your Syphilis Test results in your own personal dashboard.
Our medical team will comment on out-of-range blood and results and give you follow-up advice where necessary. If you need it, a PDF copy of your Syphilis Test results can be downloaded for your doctor. Want a hard-copy report? You will be given the opportunity to order one during the checkout process.

Syphilis Test is included in the following categories: Sexual Health