STD Test (urine)


This confidential STD test works from a urine sample and tests for a comprehensive list of sexually transmitted diseases including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and herpes.

This simple urine test is accurate and fast and the results will not appear on your medical records. Tests include chlamydia, gonorrhoea, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonas vaginalis, gardnerella vaginalis and herpes simplex types I/II.

Who this test is for

This test is for individuals who fear that they may have been exposed to am STD, whose partner has been diagnosed with an STD and they wish to check their own status or who have symptoms consistent with a sexually transmitted disease.


Not all sexually transmitted diseases have symptoms, however, common symptoms include:

A burning sensation when passing water

Genital itching or stinging

Unusual discharge which may be offensive

Redness and swelling

Pain in the pelvic region



Urine Sample Kit

A specially labelled Urine sample collection kit with detailed instructions of how to take the sample yourself. The kit will be unique and coded specifically to you.


Laboratory Analysis

Samples are analysed at a private accredited laboratory.


Interpretation of Results

Abnormal results will be explained and relevant advice provided.


Helpline Card

Your personalised Helpline Card will allow you access free confidential medical advice.


Postage & Packaging

Special pre-paid packaging is provided to return your sample safely, by first class post, to our laboratory for testing.


Medical Questionnaire

A Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire is included with this test. It covers important areas such as illness, injuries, medical conditions, medication, family health history and much more.

The Medical History & Lifestyle questionnaire provides us with vital information which can affect how your results are interpreted and what advice you receive.


Copy of Laboratory Results

You will have secure online access to your medical reports and results held on our secure web servers. If required, we will also send you a hard copy by post.

Our web servers are secure and protected by the latest SSL certificate. The 128bit SSL encryption assures that information is kept private between our web servers and your web browser.



Chlamydia Test, Gonorrhoea Test, Mycoplasma Test, Ureaplasma Test, Trichomonas Vaginalis Test, Gardnerella Vaginalis Test, Herpes Simplex Type I/II Test

Our urine tests and health checks are a fast, confidential and convenient way of finding out where you stand on a whole range of different health issues.

Simply order one of our Home-to-Lab urine tests or health checks online and we will send you the appropriate urine sample collection kit(s) with easy to follow instructions.

Take the urine sample in the privacy of your own home then post to our laboratory for fast, accurate testing.

Home-to-Lab tests can also be done as a clinic based test.

What our customers say...

As usual your services are excellant, prompt & very cooperative and considerate. Thank you all very much and my best wishes. God Bless You.

Mr Patel
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