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Fibrotest (Liver Fibrosis)

A non-invasive test to diagnose liver fibrosis.

Fibrosis of the liver is caused by chronic inflammation of the liver resulting in scarring and hardened areas. It can be caused by Hepatitis B and C as well as heavy drinking. If inflammation persists then fibrosis can develop into cirrhosis, a condition where the liver ceases to fuction normally.

Who is this blood test for

This test is for people who have received a diagnosis of liver disease, or who show symptoms and wish to assess the severity of their condition. It is an alternative to a liver biopsy.

A healthy liver is very soft but once fibrosis occurs the liver will become firmer, eventually becoming completely hard if chirrhosis has developed. 

What's included

Bilirubin is a product of haemoglobin breakdown. It is removed from the body via the liver, stored and concentrated in the gall bladder and excreted into the bowel. Raised bilirubin can cause the skin and whites of eyes to become yellow (jaundice) as the liver is unable to remove sufficient bilirubin from the blood. This can indicate liver damage.

Bilirubin can also be raised due to a blocked bile duct as well as Gilbert's syndrome.

Gamma GT is a liver enzyme which is raised in liver and bile duct diseases. It is used in conjunction with the ALP to distinguish between bone or liver disease. Gamma GT is used to diagnose alcohol abuse as it is raised in 75% of long term drinkers.

Apolipoprotein A1 (apo A1) is a major protein that is a component of high-density liporprotein, or LDL cholesterol.

Apolipoprotein A1 helps clear cholesterol from the blood by removing cholesterol from organs and tissues to be destroyed by the liver.

High levels of apo A1 are thought to be protective aginast heart disease.

Low levels of apo A1, especially if increased levels of Apolipoprotein B are also seen, could be indicative of coronary heart disease.

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