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A-Z of tests (B)

56 tests found

B-Type Natriuretic Peptide

Babesia Parasite

Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome (BRRS PTEN sequencing)


Baseline Blood Test

A great entry-level health check with tests for liver and kidney function, diabetes, cholesterol, bone health, gout and iron.

Basement Membrane Antibodies

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Basic Cancer Test

This blood test is for carcino embryonic antigen (CEA), a protein which is produced by some types of cancer.

Basophil Histamine Release

Becker Muscular Dystrophy (deletions duplications)

Bence-Jones Protein


Beryllium Sensitivity

Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies IgA

Beta 2 Glycoprotein 1 Antibodies IgG IgM

Beta 2 Microglobulin

Beta 2 Transferrin

Beta Carotene

Beta HCG

Beta HCG is a hormone found in the blood which may be elevated in people with certain cancers such as testicular cancer and germ cell tumours.

Beta HCG (qualitative)

Beta HCG (quantitative)


Bile Acids (total)

Bile Acids Profile

Bile Duct Cancer Screen

Bile Pigments


Bilharzia Antibodies

Bilharzia Antibody Confirmation (Elisa)

Bilirubin (direct)

Bilirubin (total)

Bilirubin urine test

Bioavailable Testosterone

This test measures the proportion of testosterone that is unbound to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and therefore available to the body's tissues.

Biochemistry Profile

A series of tests to check that the kidneys are working well - and to flag any risks for the future. Also included are FREE liver function and cholesterol tests.



Bladder Cancer Screen

Bladder Cancer Test

A urine test to looks for increased levels of NMP22 a marker for bladder cancer.

Blood Alcohol (Legal)

Blood Culture

A blood culture test to detect whether microorganisms such as fungi or bacteria are in the blood.

Blood Film Examination

Blood Group

A test to establish which specific blood group you are.

Blood Urea Nitrogen

Bloom Syndrome


Bone Screen

Bone Specific Alkaline Phosphatase

Borrelia Antibodies (elisa)

Borrelia Antibodies (western blot)

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Bowel Cancer Check

A bowel cancer test that uses a stool sample to detect small traces of blood found in cancers or in large polyps.

Bowel Cancer Screen

This blood test looks for the levels of tumour markers in the blood. These are proteins that are produced by cancers and can be used to detect unknown cancers and also measure the response to cancer treatment.


This is the genetic blood test for a gene mutation which can lead to an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Breast Cancer Genetic Test

Breast Cancer Screen

Bronchial Cancer Screen

Brucella Confirmation