Why should I take a before and after test?

Before and after blood testing will transform the way you approach your health goals.

January wouldn’t be January without a new sense of optimism, excitement for the year ahead and of course, New Year resolutions... New year, new you? Nah, we say keep the same you, just make ‘you’ a little healthier.

Because let’s face it, there’s probably something we could all do healthier.

Blood tests are a powerful way to uncover how healthy you really are.

What’s more, blood tests can help you understand how your day-to-day lifestyle changes (…such as your newfound love for yoga or abstinence from the biscuit tin) affect your body.

But what exactly should you measure? And how do you go about doing this?

To support you this January, we have put together a selection of ‘before and after’ test bundles. These bundles contain specially selected biomarkers (your personal health indictors), to provide a detailed picture of your health - we would actually call it a masterpiece.

If you’re thinking about stepping up your commitment to a healthier lifestyle, or a more challenging fitness programme, or simply cutting down on sweet temptations in January, then you may be interested to learn more.

Why is before and after blood testing useful?

Before and after blood testing supports you to establish your very own “normal” and from this, explore the impact of any lifestyle and fitness changes within your own body - your very own personalised health experiment if you like!

Before and after blood testing will not only help you stick with your new lifestyle changes but can support you to do so with the confidence, faith, and motivation that your hard work is paying off.

How does it work?

When you buy our new before and after bundles you will receive two tests:

Test 1 will allow you to set your personal baseline (baseline is just a scientific word which just means starting point!). Consider the January 1st 2021 for this test. Test 2 will measure exactly the same biomarkers as Test 1 but at a later time point.

The concept is simple: in between the two tests, you change something.

We recommend testing your biomarkers every 3 months to track changes in your health over time. This can help you to stay motivated and not ‘fall off the wagon’ once January is over – don’t worry, it happens to us too.

Any increase or decrease in your biomarkers informs you about how your lifestyle changes have impacted your health.

What should I change in between my ‘before and after’ tests?

Everyone’s body is unique and therefore everybody’s goals are different. So, whatever you choose to do between the two tests is up to you.

Perhaps you could commit to reducing your alcohol intake, moving more, giving up smoking or incorporating more veggies into your diet.

If you don’t know where to start, the personalised health advice which our expert doctors provide you with from Test 1 could help you identify which areas of your health and lifestyle you should focus on.

The tests: what should I measure and why?

What you choose to measure is up to you. It all depends on your personal lifestyle, current health, and goals. For some inspiration, we have outlined our ‘before and after’ test bundlesbelow.

For those who want to focus on lifestyle

Our ‘before and after’ Health and Lifestyle Blood Test bundle has been specially created for those who want to focus on making lifestyle improvements.

The main areas of our lifestyle which are known to affect our health are: smoking, exercise and training (or lack of it), alcohol consumption, our dietary choices, and your BMI (body mass index). Focussing on everything at once may be tricky - nobody is perfect!We recommend you pick one area and stick with it.

Our Health and Lifestyle Blood Test bundleinclude20 biomarkers which focus on: kidney health, liver health, cardiovascular health (cholesterol), muscle health, vitamins and minerals (iron, vitamin D, vitamin B12), inflammation and proteins.

For those who want to focus on nutrition

We all know we could eat a little healthier, but it is surprising how much of an impact small dietary changes can make. Big changes can occur in your body but, without taking a blood test, these often go unnoticed. It is easy to feel as though you are not making progress – when you are!

We have created ‘before and after’ nutrition blood tests to give you a detailed insight into how your dietary changes affect your body health.

Perhaps you want to try ‘Veganuary’, and see whether it lives up to the hype. Perhaps your goal could be to simply remember to take your daily vitamin D supplement! Our ‘before and after’ blood tests may provide the reassurance that your supplements are working.

Our Nutrition Blood Test bundleinclude11 biomarkers which focus on: vitamins and minerals (iron, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12), cardiovascular health (cholesterol) and inflammation.

Our Vitamin D (25 OH) Blood Test bundleinclude1 biomarker: vitamin D

For those who want to focus on both lifestyle and nutrition

For the slightly more dedicated, we have put together a ‘before and after’ test which brings together the best of our lifestyle and nutrition tests. This is an advanced test which gives an in-depth look at the impact of your lifestyle and dietary choices on your health.

Our Advanced Diet and Lifestyle Blood Test bundleinclude29 biomarkers which focus on: advanced kidney health, stress, liver health, gout risk, cardiovascular health (cholesterol), diabetes, muscle health, advanced vitamins and minerals (advanced Iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12, folate (vitamin B9), magnesium) and proteins.

For those who want to focus on strength and muscle

A solid training program, along with healthy testosterone levels, is key to building bigger and stronger muscles. Strength training naturally increases testosterone levels, but you may also be taking extra testosterone (such as TRT).

A poor diet, along with overdoing it on alcohol, can hamper your testosterone levels. Therefore, January is the perfect time to reassess your current training and set new goals. This before and after testosterone test will help you understand if you should be doing more to boost your testosterone and get the gains that you’re seeking in 2021.

Our Testosterone Test bundleinclude1 biomarker: Testosterone

For those who want a comprehensive health MOT

What aspects of health do our Advanced Well Man Test bundle and Advanced Well WomanTest bundlemeasure? We hear you ask. Well, it may be easier to ask what these tests don’t measure! These before and after tests offer you a chance to investigate the impact of healthy changes on your whole-body function.

What’s more, they are tailored specifically for the particular health needs of each gender.

Our Advanced Well Man Test and Advanced Well Woman Testbundlescontain 47+ biomarkers which focus on: hormones, proteins, liver health, cardiovascular health (cholesterol), kidney health, diabetes, vitamins and minerals (iron, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate (Vitamin B9)), thyroid hormones, gout risk, blood clotting status, red blood cells, white blood cells, muscle health and inflammation.

All-in-all, monitoring your health through your blood will transform the way you approach your health goals. It can provide you with the confidence, faith and motivation to head in the right direction – and not only that, it will empower you to succeed.


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