31 days to a healthier you challenge

Kale smoothies, 5am gym sessions, a chocolate ban this New Year? No, thank you! Let's make our resolutions a little gentler (especially after a whirlwind 2020) with the Medichecks 31 days to a healthier you challenge.

Kale smoothies, 5am gym sessions, a chocolate ban this New Year? No, thank you! Let's make our resolutions a little gentler (especially after a whirlwind 2020) and try some mindfulness, new recipes and a spot of self-care - with the Medichecks 31-days to a healthier you challenge.

Now you're probably thinking, urgh, not another 31-day fitness challenge but wait; this one is different!

Here at Medichecks, we understand that exercising every day is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to staying healthy. It's also making sure you're on top of your game with your nutritional intake; you're moving throughout the day outside of your 1-hour session at the gym, being kind to your mind and so much more.

So, we've created a 31-day health challenge, which combines the mind, body and fuel. Each day for the next month there's a different healthy activity for you to try - from home workouts to mindfulness, there's something for everyone!

Ready to be the same you but a little healthier?


Welcome to our 31-day health challenge! Now that you've had a peek at the activities for each day and know what you've got to look forward to let's take a more in-depth look at why we've chosen each one and why you will benefit from it.

Day 1 – Try 7 minutes of meditation

Meditation is associated with several physical and mental health benefits including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and enhancing self-awareness and much more.

Today, we challenge you to take 7 minutes out of your day to unwind and do Dr Liza's guided meditation.

Psssttt. If you're experiencing hangxiety after your New Year celebrations, meditation is excellent for reducing anxiety.

Day 2 – Put your devices down 1 hour before bed

Phones, tablets, readers and computers all emit blue light which can negatively impact our sleep quality. It has been shown to reduce or delay the natural production of melatonin in the evening and decrease sleepiness.

Try and put your devices down 1 hour before bed and give yourself time to wind down. Perhaps you could fill the hour by reading a book, taking a relaxing bath or fixing yourself a hot drink?

You may also find it less tempting to pick up your phone if you leave it outside your bedroom overnight.

Day 3 - Start the day with a to-do list

Prepping for your first day back at work after the Christmas holidays? Or getting the kids ready to go back to school? Write your tasks down for the day and tick them off as you've done them, this can work wonders for productivity.

Day 4 - Take our name exercise challenge

Today we challenge you to up the ante and take our name exercise challenge. Head to the Medichecks Instagram page to find out what workout your name has in store for you. Don't forget to share your workout with us using #31daystoahealitheryou on your Instagram stories.

Day 5 – Eat 5 different vegetables

We all know we should be eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day, but how many do you get in? We challenge you to eat 5 different vegetables today.

Day 6 - Do 30 minutes of yoga

Feeling a little tender after the name exercise challenge on day 4? Try 30 minutes of beginner's yoga to loosen your muscles and feel relaxed. Here is our recommended yoga video.

Day 7 – Listen to your favourite music

Listening to your favourite music has been found to increase happiness, improve sleep and decrease stress levels. So, pop on your favourite tunes and maybe even have a little dance!

Day 8 – Make someone laugh

We've allheard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you know that laughter increases happiness and improves mood? Whether it's your Mum, a work colleague or your next-door neighbour, make someone laugh today and brighten their day!

Day 9 – Every minute on the minute (EMOTM) workout

Head to the Medichecks Instagram story to find out what workout we've got in store for you today. Remember to let us know what you think of the workout by tagging us at @medichecks and using #31daystoahealthieryou.

Day 10 – Watch sleep TEDTalk

Today is all about the importance of catching some z's. Watch this inspirational TEDTalk to learn more about how sleep canimpact your learning, memory, immune system and even your genetic code – as well as some helpful tips for getting some shut-eye.

Day 11 – Try Dr Natasha's vegan recipe for dinner

Today we challenge you to try Dr Natasha's spiced vegetable tagine for dinner. Head to the Medichecks Facebook or Instagram to find the ingredients you'll need and a full rundown of how to make this delicious dish.

Day 12 – Make your work meeting a walking one

If you're in the office today and you've got a meeting scheduled, why not make it a walking meeting around the building or outside? You'll get your step count up whilst being productive – it's a win, win.

Working from home? Take your work call on your phone and get outside for a walk whilst talking (weather permitting) or do a few laps of your living room.

Day 13 – Try mindful eating

Practising mindful eating has been shown to not only help increase satisfaction during mealtimes, but it can also help prevent overeating, emotional eating, boredom eating, and binge eating.

Watch Karen Mayo, the author of Amazon best-seller, "Mindful Eating" discuss the benefits of mindful eating and her top tips for incorporating into your meal times.

Day 14 – Drink 2L of water

We challenge you to drink 2L of water throughout today. Staying hydrated is essential for energy levels, focus and can keep you feeling full for longer.

Pop an alarm on your phone each hour to remind you to drink a glass of water or try having a glass before each meal to up your water intake.

Day 15 – Dance like nobody is watching

Whether it's while you're cleaning the house, walking to work or making your breakfast, we challenge you to get moving and have fun with it!

Day 16 – Take a long walk in nature

Spending time in green space or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing. Today we challenge you to put your devices down, put your walking boots on and take a long walk in nature.

Day 17 – Record 3 things you are grateful for

Taking note of the things you are grateful for is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude can help you feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Day 18 – Walk or cycle a new route to work

If you're heading into work today, leave your car keys at home and walk or cycle a new route to work. You'll not only have time to think about the day ahead, but you'll also fit some exercise into your busy schedule.

Working from home? Why not use your usual commute time to go for a walk or fit in a home workout?

Day 19 – Speak to someone new

Ever get told as a child not to talk to strangers? Well, today we challenge you to do just that! (just don't tell your Mum). Whether it's someone on your work commute or a person at the supermarket, try and spark up a conversation with someone you've never spoken to before.

Meeting new people can be fun, scary and exhilarating all at the same time, but it can also build your confidence and open up a new world of opportunities in some cases.

Day 20 – Read before sleep

We challenge you to read for 30 minutes before bed. Putting your devices down and picking a good book up is a great way to reduce screen time and blue light exposure and can help you get a better night's sleep.

Day 21 – DIY your favourite takeout at-home

Today we challenge you to get creative in the kitchen and make your favourite takeout at-home. Whether it's an Indian, Chinese or KFC, you'll save yourself some pennies and you can even give it a healthy twist.

Day 22 – Listen to your favourite podcast

Give yourself an hour today to relax and listen to your favourite podcast. Podcasts can help us to become better listeners, use our imagination and learn new things.

Don't have a favourite podcast yet? We love the Her Spirit and The Doctors Kitchenpodcasts.

Day 23 – Have an alcohol free Saturday

We challenge you to swap the beers or wine for an alcohol-free version tonight. You'll not only feel fresh as a daisy tomorrow morning, but you'll also save some calories and have more money in your pocket. You can find our recommended mocktail recipes here.

Day 24 – Prep your meals for the week

Today we challenge you to batch cook your meals for the week ahead. Having healthy and homemade meals in the fridge or freezer, ready to grab when you lack time or motivation can help you stay on track.

Day 25 – Give someone compliment

We all know how great it feels to receive a compliment from someone else so today we want you to pass that feeling on to someone else and make their day!

Being in the habit of giving compliments helps us notice and appreciate what's good and what we like in those around us.

Day 26 – Try a new way to keep active

Keep meaning to try out that new exercise class? Or do you want to start couch to 5K? Today's the day!

Being active is great for your physical health and fitness, and evidence shows it can also improve your mental wellbeing.

Day 27 – Cook a new recipe

One of the simplest ways to improve your health is by preparing more home-cooked meals. So today we challenge you to cook abrand-new recipe that you've never tried before.

Remember to upload a picture of your creation to your social media and tag us at@medichecks!

Day 28 – Give 3 things you don't use to charity

Today we challenge you to find 3 things at home that you haven't used in the past year and take them to your local charity shop to give to someone else. It's not just that it feels like a nice thing to do; science says giving to others can light up the reward centres in our brain.

Day 29 – Call a friend or family member

Picking the phone up to a friend or family member can reduce stress, help you feel connected and cheer you up if you're feeling down. Today we challenge you to Zoom, FaceTime or call someone for a chat.

Day 30 – Try a home strength workout

Start your weekend off right with a home strength workout! Strength training is an essential part of any fitness routine. It helps make you stronger and also builds muscle endurance.

You can view our recommended workout.

Day 31 – Set your goals for the next month

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end! Today is the final day of the 31-day challenge. Use today to set your new goals and intentions for the month or year ahead.

We hope this challenge has helped you to develop some healthy habits and reinforced some key learnings. What are your goals for the rest of 2021? Share them with us onInstagram at @medichecks.