The Tests You need to Know About


Prima Magazine includes Medichecks tests in their guide to private and home blood testing.

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A few simple checks and blood tests could be the key to a healthier, longer life.

Pressure on the NHS means a blood test-one of the most useful screenings-may only be suggested when clinically necessary rather than for screening. You can now get hold of home-testing kits online and, if you have private healthcare, you can request tests at any time. Here’s what to be aware of:

Ovarian Cancer Screening

Ovarian cancer causes few symptoms in the early, treatable stages. By the time a woman develops noticeable signs- persistent bloating, feeling full quickly after eating, persistent pelvic or abdominal pain, a frequent need to urinate or abdominal swelling- the disease is usually advanced. If your GP suspects ovarian cancer, they may request a blood test to measure the level of a protein (CA-125) that’s produced by ovarian cancer cells, or send you for an ultrasound. Routine screening for ovarian cancer in healthy women is not available on the NHS, but it is privately. You can also buy at-home tests -  Ovarian Cancer Check Plus costs £99 from

Home-Testing Kits

Finger-prick tests are now widely available online or from pharmacies.

These include a sterile wipe, a blood lancet to prick your finger, and a small vial or test strip to collect your blood. You return your sample to the lab in a prepaid envelope. But the tests aren’t for the squeamish, so you may prefer a private testing via a clinic instead. Also, check the tests use accredited labs. Essential Blood Test, £69, measure 45 variables, including full blood count, liver, kidney, cholesterol, gout, diabetes, iron status, and free thyroid. The Well Woman Check, £89, includes liver, kidney and red and white blood cell levels.

See the full article in the July 2016 issue of Prima Magazine.

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