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Find out more about the changes we have made to our specialist sports performance blood tests.


Emily Condon
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

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When training, your inner health is just as important, if not more so, than how you look on the outside. If your hormones are out of balance, or blood chemistry is showing inflammation or injury, no matter how hard you train you won’t be able to perform at your best.

We aim to make blood tests, previously only available to elite athletes, accessible to anyone who wants to improve their performance. To do so, we have been reviewing our sports tests to see how we can improve what we offer, to provide the best range of tests for athletes of every level and discipline to optimise their performance and stay healthy. 

Endurance Fit 

For endurance athletes there's a fine line between training hard enough to get fitter and faster and also maintaining health. Once that line is crossed, illness and injury are likely to follow. Because of this, regular blood testing can provide an important insight into how hard you can push yourself and when you need to slow down and allow more time for recovery.

We have combined all the best bits of our Endurance range and streamlined three tests into one comprehensive test - the Endurance Fit. This is the ideal test for endurance athletes of every level who want to optimise their performance and recovery. It covers all bases, looking at markers which can help identify overtraining and injury as well as those that could cause a lack of energy and motivation. Use this test to establish your pre-training baseline and then track changes as your training load increases.

To make it easier to find the right sports test for you, we have replaced our Health and Fitness test with our core Fit range - Baseline and Advanced Fit. Our Fit range allows you to track changes to your inner health as your fitness levels improve and learn how informed changes to your diet and lifestyle can make big improvements to your overall wellbeing.

Changes to our sports range 

As well as streamlining our Endurance range, we have also made changes to our Sports Hormone Check UltraVit and introduced a new top-of-the-range profile, Ultimate Performance, designed by top personal fitness coaches at Ultimate Performance to provide deep insights for anyone who is beginning a health and performance transformation programme and wants to track changes. 

A testosterone/cortisol (T:C) ratio has been included in both profiles to assess whether your body is recovering well after intense training. For both endurance and strength training athletes, the T:C ratio provides a useful marker of possible overreaching and overtraining syndromes, which is where the body does not sufficiently recover after exercise. The T:C ratio is more sensitive to the stresses of training than either testosterone or cortisol alone. As an absolute number, the ratio is of limited use, but over time it can be tracked to see how well you are recovering from training.

We've also added a prolactin hormone test to the Sports Hormone Check UltraVit (already included in Ultimate Performance) at no additional cost to make sure that we are covering the full range of male and female hormones that can impact body composition and performance. Elevated prolactin levels which can be caused by stress, certain medications (including some AASs) and pituitary problems can lower testosterone levels. 

Medicheck your performance

Pre-season health checks are essential for athletes to maximise their health before tough training blocks. Baseline markers can be monitored throughout training cycles and necessary adaptations to training, recovery and nutrition can quickly be put in place to keep you on track to perform. Whether you are looking to optimise your race performance, avoid injury, maximise recovery or take a more detailed look at your hormones and nutrition, Medichecks has the perfect sports test for you. View our full range of sports tests here.

As with all our tests, your results will be reviewed by a qualified doctor who can advise you on what changes you need to make to your training and nutrition.

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