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We are pleased to welcome Dr Hamed Kamali to the Medichecks team.


Bella Marsden

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Dr Hamed started his medical career in Devon after graduating from Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry. Ever since childhood, he had always wanted to be a doctor and felt it was a great privilege to be in a position where he could help people.

He has a background in women’s health, emergency medicine, anaesthetics and critical care. It was in the latter jobs working as a registrar that he met some wonderful patients who sadly, went on to die in hospital. In cases where chronic disease played a part in their illness, he felt strongly that their diseases could have been prevented or their severity reduced by intervening earlier in their lives. Over the years he developed a passion for preventative and lifestyle medicine which has led him to General Practice. He has a special interest in nutrition and sports performance.

Hamed started working on his own health and lifestyle choices and became captivated with literature looking at nutrition. His research led him to choose a plant-based diet and he became certified in plant-based nutrition by eCornell University. As an avid powerlifter and competitor in CrossFit, Hamed was concerned about the effect this diet would have on his strength, body composition and energy levels. However, by 2016 he had fully transitioned to a plant-based diet and went on to win a silver medal in his category in powerlifting. He weighed in at an all-time low but achieved a personal record in all his lifts, as well as a massive all-time personal best completing a 2000m row in 6:24 mins. He had achieved body composition and aesthetic goals he never thought possible for himself, as well as having better sleep, energy and mood.

Dr Hamed truly believes the single best intervention he can make as a doctor is through education and improving lifestyle factors. Hamed believes the first step to improving health is by empowering patients and giving them the tools and knowledge to monitor their own biomarkers for health - this is why he is so excited to be working as a doctor for Medichecks. Through Medichecks, Hamed believes he will be able to reach people that he previously couldn’t and make a difference in people’s lives early on before the onset of illness.

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