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We are delighted to welcome our newest addition to the Medichecks team, Dr Mari Thomas.


Bella Marsden

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Mari started her Medical journey at Cardiff University, followed by several years working as an anaesthetist. Anaesthetics gave her a deep understanding of human physiology and what is required to maintain normal vital signs. It also taught her that life is precious and that health should never be taken for granted.  

This discovery prompted her own transformation and some tough decisions. Despite enjoying work, the long hours and night shifts were taking a toll on Mari’s own health. Her diet was poor, sleep patterns erratic, energy levels were not what they were and she had lost the lust she once had for life. 
It was at this time that she discovered Medichecks and did her own health check. It prompted her to re-examine her lifestyle choices and a change to a better work life balance. She went from a reluctant fruit and vegetable eater to an advocate for a plant-based diet and re-discovered her love of fitness, competing in CrossFit and triathlon competitions. 

Working as a general practitioner and as a reporting consultant for Medichecks has driven a new-found passion in Mari for preventative medicine:

‘I feel my work can now have a much greater impact on disease prevention and health promotion, and I enjoy applying a holistic approach by focusing on the whole person, combining their physical, emotional and social needs through a patient-centred approach. My hope is that I can help others along their own journey to be the best version of themselves.’

In her spare time Mari is a bit of an adventure seeker and medicine has allowed her the opportunity to travel and see parts of the world she never could never have expected. She’s spent time with the Royal Navy and travelled in an aircraft carrier across the Atlantic, she’s flown in a Sea King helicopter to rescue stranded people on a mountain and slept in a hammock in the Amazon rainforest whilst working as a medic for the Brazil Jungle Ultramarathon race!


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