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We are thrilled to welcome on board our newest member of the Medichecks team, Doctor Daniel Grant.


Bella Marsden

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Before medicine Daniel worked in the arts as a writer, director and producer for film, TV and theatre. Alongside these ventures he always had a passion for science so decided to pursue medicine. To this day he still carries with him his background in arts which he uses to inject creativity into medicine.

Daniel began his medical career studying at UCL. It was during this time that he developed a keen interest in space medicine, something he pursued all the way to NASA! He is currently Aerospace Development Director at the Centre for Altitude Space & Extreme Environment Medicine, where he works hard to create educational opportunities and to drive space medicine research in the UK.

Daniel’s passion lies in preventative medicine - which is at the core of both space medicine and everyday medical practice - and something he has written about many times, including in an article published in The BMJ. He says:

“My goal is to stop you getting ill in the first place. That involves an approach across all sectors with a particular emphasis on people-powered health. This is where we stop seeing patients as patients but as people, and where we can empower everyone to take their health into their own hands. And it is this approach I am excited to put into action whilst working with Medichecks.”

As if being a NASA-approved space doctor wasn’t enough, Daniel is also a competing wallball champion on Team GBR, something he works hard to bring to communities all over the UK to inject some fun and sociable activity into struggling areas.

Daniel looks at the bigger picture when it comes to health. He sees it in all aspects of our daily lives - in culture, sports, arts, education and community. He sees healthcare as something that should be easily accessible to us all, and something that we can all have ownership of. It is this approach that he will apply to his new role with Medichecks. 

It was his article in The BMJ that brought Daniel to the attention of Helen Marsden, co-founder and director of Medichecks. Helen says "Dan is exactly the sort of doctor we want at Medichecks and when I read his views, thoughtfully expressed in The BMJ, I knew I wanted him in our team. Prevention informs everything we do at Medichecks, and providing our customers with insights that help them take informed decisions about their health is key to our service. Dan is a great addition to our ever-growing team of doctors".

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