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Andrew joined our team of doctors in May, and many of you will have already benefited from his friendly and personal style. An expert in women's health, sexual health and a special interest in men's health, Andrew's experience is ideally suited to the breadth and range of health tests we provide.

Bella Marsden

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Andrew Shaw hasn’t always followed a medical path. Despite coming from a medical family, Andrew only came to medicine after completing an engineering degree at Imperial College, London. He then taught English and science in Europe for a year, before finally graduating in medicine from the University of London 25 years ago.

What Andrew loves about medicine is what it teaches him about people. Trust has to be almost immediate when patients come to see him for medical advice, and that, he feels, is a privilege. It is this people-led approach that Andrew applies to his role at Medichecks, giving customers the knowledge and tools they need to take their health into their own hands. He views his patients as individuals,  with different expectations and needs, who each need an individual approach to their health. He says:

'Practising medicine is such a privilege, being allowed access to peoples’ very personal and private lives. It is the art of medicine, backed up by a strong knowledge of science and medical know-how, that allows you to reach people on a human level.’

Now working as a GP, Andrew has a broad range of experience behind him, including working many years in women’s health and sexual health. But it is men’s health which interests him the most. Andrew says:

‘Men can be difficult to reach. They don’t access healthcare nearly as often as women. It’s not that men do not want to look after themselves, it’s just that they need to be empowered to do so. There are so many routes to preventative healthcare in men. Medichecks allows men to take some of this control over their health.’

Fun fact about Andrew: He is related to North American pioneer Daniel Boone and the 16th President of the USA, Abraham Lincoln!


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