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Dr Sam Rodgers has been reporting on our customer's results since August 2016, and joined us as our Medical Director in 2017. As well as reporting on results, Sam is responsible for our clinical and ethical leadership.


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Dr. Sam started working as a locum for us in August 2016, and joined as Medical Director in April 2017.  Originally from the south coast, Sam has worked as a GP in and around central London for the past 12 years. He has combined busy out-of-hours practice in general hospitals with a regular position as a doctor at Brixton prison and now focuses for one day a week in a GP practice in Southwark "I have always enjoyed general practice because of the wide range of people that it lets me encounter, and the broad range of knowledge that is utilised in meeting their needs - something that I now apply to my role in Medichecks"

As a GP, Sam's range of knowledge is very broad but he has a special interest in thyroid and fatigue based conditions. He has has spoken at Thyroid UK about the diagnosis of thyroid conditions and has helped Medichecks build a comprehensive range of thyroid and nutritional tests to help our customers diagnose and understand their condition. 

He is passionate about the use of information technology to improve health and has worked on a range of projects aiming to improve the healthcare of up to 2 million people in North West London. Since joining Medichecks he has been surprised and excited to discover so many people using the company to take an active role in their health. He has always recognised that the more engaged and knowledgeable people are about their health, the more committed they are to prevention and the better they will manage it if something goes wrong.

Sam is now building the medical team at Medichecks, finding like-minded doctors who have the skills and expertise to cater for the wide range of tests we provide.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters and four cats, and can often be found practicing his interest in photography in the streets of central London!

Sam cares deeply about the customer experience and recognises that many people come to Medichecks because they can't find answers elsewhere. Read what our customer Clair from Bristol says; 'Thanks for my recent test results and for the interpretation by Dr Sam Rodgers. I wasn't expecting a personal response really, so that was nice. And I was impressed at the response he gave towards my CFS/ME as although CFS can be a very debilitating illness it is much misunderstood and so I've found it rare to get a sympathetic response from medical professionals. I really appreciate it, as I'm sure do other people with CFS that contact you. So, credit where credit is due!'

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