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Our Diet and Lifestyle Check Plus gives you the perfect opportunity to find out how healthy you are after the festive season.

Helen Marsden

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Did you know that one of the most common New Years resolutions in 2015 was to get fitter and healthier, with the second being to drink less alcohol? Actually, these two resolutions go hand-in-hand.

Over the festive period, we are all guilty of over-indulging on chocolate, alcohol and of course, Christmas dinner. The average Brit will reach their daily calorie allowance by lunchtime on Christmas Day, consuming a whopping 7,000 calories in total. The average British family will also have their first alcoholic drink before 10 am on Christmas day – before they’ve even eaten breakfast!  But what effect does this have on your body?

The World Health Organisation warns that 74% of men and 64% of women in the UK will be overweight by 2030.  We need to combat this by switching to a healthy lifestyle and for many of us, this means beginning the New Year with a detox plan combining healthy eating with exercise. Most people equate detoxing with juice diets or even fasting but in our view, you don’t need to go to extremes. We recommend giving your liver a rest, cutting down on fat and sugar and resolving to make exercise a permanent part of your life.

Our Diet and Lifestyle Check Plus gives you the perfect opportunity to find out how healthy you are after the festive season and includes:

A Liver Check

The liver bears the brunt of any excesses over the festive period.  Too much alcohol and food are the primary causes of liver disease outside of viral disease like hepatitis. Lots of people have raised liver enzymes after the festive season, indicating potential liver injury. Prolonged partying may lead to permanent scarring or cirrhosis, but give the liver a rest and its powers of recovery can be amazing.

A Kidney Function Check

Kidneys filter all the waste products from the body so it is vital that they are working properly. Our Kidney Function test checks how well the kidneys are doing their job as well as examining the balance of electrolytes in the blood, especially important when people are dehydrated from excessive alcohol consumption.

A Cholesterol test

The risk of a heart attack is higher during the festive season, which may be due to the higher levels of fat circulating in the blood stream (along with all the other over-indulgences). Our cholesterol test measures total cholesterol and triglycerides, both of which can cause fatty deposits on artery walls.

A Diabetes Check

The pancreas will have also been working overtime during the festive period to pump out enough insulin to clear the blood of all that sugar and get it into cells. Our diabetes check looks specifically at the level of sugar in your blood which is a good sign of whether the body is coping with excess sugar consumption.

A Vitamin D test

Vitamin D is an important test in the winter months. Many people are already insufficient in vitamin D but add to that the shorter days and shorter rays of winter, by January they could well be deficient. Vitamin D is not only important for strong bones and teeth, but also for immune function – especially important in the winter months.

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