Medichecks announces partnership with RunningWithUs.


Medichecks announces a partnership with RunningWithUs to develop our service for sports and performance optimisation blood tests.


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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with RunningWithUs. Formed by top running coaches Nick Anderson and Thomas Craggs, RunningwithUs works with athletes of all abilities, from Olympians and elite athletes to first-time marathoners and charity runners.

Nick and Tom are passionate believers in the role of blood testing and tracking in improving performance and recovery. "It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned campaigner, if you want to be a better athlete tomorrow than you are today then you have to start to take your body, science and what it is telling you a little more seriously” says Nick. Through our work with Medichecks we will be able to screen any athlete to assess best recovery and health to support the training journey. Whether you are constantly tired, underperforming or just struggling with motivation to get out and enjoy the sport you love, we believe in giving your body a full MOT to check you are healthy on the inside before you are ready to train and see improvement."

RunningWithUs will be working with Medichecks to help develop our service for runners, triathletes and cyclists.

As Helen Marsden, director and co-founder of Medichecks, explains “we already provide a strong service to the sports and performance sector with a full range of tests, but these are aimed more at the strength training sector with a focus on performance hormones. We see increasing numbers of endurance athletes using our tests and their needs are different, which is why we are excited to be working with the experts at RunningWithUs to develop our offering to this sector. With specialist tests, training and nutrition tips, we feel that this relationship will offer huge added value to anyone competing in endurance sports at every level. Having a regular blood test will soon be as normal a part of your training programme as your post-race stretch.”

We’ll be working with RunningWithUs on social media and through regular blog posts to provide expert tips on testing and training. If there are particular areas you would like us to cover, or any questions that you have, then please get in touch at

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