Liver health - have you checked yours recently?

Liver Health

Has the Christmas period caused damage to your liver? There is no way of knowing without a Medichecks blood test!

Emily Condon
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

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We all know that excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage. Although the liver is remarkable in the fact that it has powers of regeneration and repair, prolonged exposure to high levels of alcohol (which is often the case for many of us during the festive period) can cause damage to the liver.

After an indulgent Christmas, many of us may feel slightly guilty about the amount of alcohol we have consumed, and worry about the effect this has had on our liver. Although it can be daunting to face the facts of what our drinking has done to our liver, it can give us the nudge to make the necessary lifestyle changes we need to get our body on the path to a full recovery. And the good news is that in most cases the liver is excellent at repairing itself when we make the necessary lifestyle changes!

It is difficult to know how our liver is doing, as it doesn’t show on the outside until the damage is too far-gone. The common signs of liver damage such as yellow skin (jaundice), itchiness and small burst blood vessels don’t show until the liver is failing and then it is often too late. But checking your liver health has never been easier! Our Liver Check is a comprehensive examination of liver enzymes such as gamma GT (GGT), alanine transferase (ALT) and aspartate transferase (AST) which can be raised if the liver is damaged. This test is ideal for those who want to find out if their lifestyle is damaging their liver.

A simple blood test can give you the information you need to see what's happening within your body long before you have any symptoms, giving you time to take preventative action. Our Liver Check is on offer for the whole of January so order yours today!

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