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Find out why our new Health and Lifestyle Check is the perfect test for you!


Emily Condon
BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

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Unless we are suffering from any noticeable symptoms, we often put monitoring our health to the back of our minds. Having regular health checks should be a priority for us all, in order to see if there are any changes we could and should be making to improve our health and prevent illness. Our new Health and Lifestyle Check is an excellent entry-level health check which gives a detailed insight into your inner health.

Perfect for everyone, this check includes tests for 20 key markers including the following:

  • Inflammation

A High Sensitivity CRP (CRP-hs) test is used to detect low-level inflammation in the body which is thought to damage blood vessels. Raised levels of CRP in the body increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, a heart attack or stroke. The cause of this inflammation is still up for debate, however, it is largely thought to be as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle – a diet rich in trans fats and sugar (found in many processed foods) and lack of exercise.

  • Heart Health

Everybody has a different level of risk of developing heart disease. This is based on your general health, lifestyle and if you have a family history of the disease. This check looks at important risk factors that may lead to heart disease in the future. It measures your cholesterol, for example - specifically, your ratio of HDL (good) cholesterol to LDL (bad) cholesterol. A high ratio (above 20%) is protective against heart disease.

  • Iron 

Iron present in red blood cells is required for carrying oxygen around the body and strengthening the immune system. Low iron levels can lead to a decrease in the amount of oxygen carried around the body, eventually causing iron deficiency anaemia. Symptoms can include fatigue, heart palpitations, dizziness and headaches. Meat is a rich source of iron but if you cut meat out of your diet there is a chance of developing iron deficiency anaemia. Testing iron levels is especially important for menstruating girls and women as they already have a greater risk of being deficient in this important mineral.

  • Key vitamins for energy and optimal health

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that is used in many of the body's processes including tissue and cell repair, energy and red blood cell production and the functioning of nerves and DNA. As this vitamin is found almost exclusively in animal-based products those who cut out animal products from their diet are at risk of B12 deficiency so checking their B12 levels is very important. 

Vitamin D, which is commonly referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is important in maintaining healthy teeth, muscles and bones. When exposed to the sun, the body creates vitamin D using nutrients obtained from certain foods including oily fish. Many of us in the UK are vitamin D deficient - with symptoms including fatigue, muscle weakness and mood swings. By implementing a few easy lifestyle changes such as getting out more in the sunshine, eating more oily fish and taking a vitamin D supplement, vitamin D levels can be improved. 

Get Medichecked 

Our Health and Lifestyle Check is perfect if you want a general health check, you'd like to see if your diet and lifestyle could be healthier and you want to proactively manage your health. Taking the test couldn’t be easier, we have many different blood draw options available to suit you. Whether you prefer to remain in the comfort of your own home either with a finger prick sample or a visit from one of our nurses, or alternatively you can attend one of our partner clinics local to you to have your blood drawn.

Within a matter of days after posting your sample back to us, your results will be uploaded to your personal dashboard and with advice from a qualified doctor included, we will help you pinpoint the areas of your health you need to focus on. 

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