Intermittent Fasting: Week 2

Alistair Hall

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I am now into my second week of intermittent fasting and so far things are going well.

Last week I did my two days consecutively and saved up all my calorie allowance for one big meal at the end of each day. I found that quite easy as I rarely eat breakfast and often skip lunch. I found it quite easy to make a substantial meal from 600 calories especially as I managed to use almost no cooking oil, which has a staggering 800 plus calories per 100ml.

This week I have decided to have my calories in two meals, 200 for lunch and 400 in the evening. This I am finding slightly harder from a physical perspective and by that I mean that after a small lunch I don’t feel particularly satisfied and would quite like something else and then in the late afternoon I feel more hungry than if I hadn’t eaten anything for lunch. In addition, the evening meal is not as filling and I could still do with something afterwards. However, I didn’t feel I went to bed hungry so it wasn’t that bad.

Mentally, or perhaps intellectually and gastronomically, I find it more interesting as it requires more thought about what to do with those calories. For one of my lunches I had a small piece of poached haddock (100g) on a bed of lightly steamed spinach (50g) with a small poached egg (55g) with a hint of nutmeg and salt and pepper.  Total - 183 calories. I have never made this before and basically made it up, but I have to say it was delicious and something I will definitely do again.

I did have one little surprise this week and that was that a cup of green tea has 2 calories and a spoonful of instant coffee has 4. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but on one day I drank two green teas and five coffees for a total of 24 calories. Adding on the two low calorie tonic waters I had in the evening (8 calories) made a total of 32 calories of drinks for the day. Not much, but still 5% of my daily allowance. I mention this because I feel to do this properly you have to count all the calories or before you know it you will be ignoring the drizzle of salad dressing you had on your lettuce and we all know where that leads!


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