How vitamin D can give you more energy and lower blood pressure


Medichecks provided tests for an experiment to see if Vitamin D supplements can improve alertness


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As a mother to three children under 12, I expect to feel totally exhausted at the end of the day. What I didn't realise, though, was that a lack of an essential vitamin could be to blame for my paltry physical stamina.

I'd probably have thought little more of it, but last month, I read about intriguing research which found boosting vitamin D intake can raise energy levels and lower blood pressure.

In the study, by a medical team in Edinburgh, volunteers were asked to cycle for 20 minutes. They were then given either a placebo or vitamin D and, two weeks later, were asked to cycle for 20 minutes again.

It all sounds so convincing I decide to conduct my own experiment to see if boosting my vitamin D levels would have a similar effect. First, I arrange for blood tests through online service Medichecks. The next step in my experiment is the bike test, which I do in my gym. The results of new blood tests show my vitamin D levels have risen.

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