Hormones: friends or foe?


Hormones can impact our health in many ways, yet aren't always the first line of investigation when it comes to common symptoms. Read more about how your hormones could be affecting your health.


Helen Marsden

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Hormones are very quiet little chemicals, we can't live without them and sometimes it feels like we can't live with them! They are responsible for a lot of our essential, everyday bodily functions, and can have profound effects on our mood, metabolism and general well-being.

Although hormonal balance is so important, it is not always our first line of thinking when it comes to identifying why we can’t shift those extra pounds, why we are suffering from anxiety and mood swings or our hair and skin is dull and lifeless or even our sex drive has disappeared. And yet a simple test can identify whether your hormones are to blame.

Hormone disorders are surprisingly common, yet many hormone problems go undiagnosed as it is easy for people to feel that their symptoms are just due to getting older or are simply due to them feeling "out of sorts". If you are finding that you are struggling with your weight, motivation or get up and go then it is worth having some blood tests done to check your levels are optimal.

Medichecks offer a full range of hormone tests including thyroid, testosterone, cortisol, oestrogen and progesterone. Many of these tests can be performed at home with the latest home-to-lab service. Using a finger prick lancet, a tiny blood sample is collected and then simply posted to the laboratory for testing. If your levels of essential hormones are found to be not optimal, then your doctor can prescribe hormone replacement therapy to put your body back in balance.

Maintaining a healthy diet, with regular exercise, plenty of rest and lost of emotional happiness is essential for our everyday needs. And in the background, we need our hormones to support us too!

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