Hormone tests - refreshed, re-priced, re-launched


Find out about the changes we've made to our hormone range.


Helen Marsden

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Hormones have always been amongst our most popular tests, and is it any wonder when you think about the power these small molecules have over so many aspects of our wellbeing. Fertility, fat distribution, muscle mass, mood, energy, skin, hair loss, hirsuitism (hair where you don’t want it – if you’re a woman), sleep – the list goes on and when things aren’t going as they should, we can often look to a hormone imbalance as the cause. 

Over the past few months we’ve been introducing specialist profiles to investigate polycystic ovaries, hair loss and specialist sports tests, and now it’s the turn of our general hormone profiles to get the refresh treatment. Your old favourites might have disappeared, but don’t worry, we’ve replaced them with more comprehensive profiles for the same price – or for less!

Female hormones

We’ve introduced 3 new hormone profiles to help women target the investigations they want to make:

Day 3 Fertility is specially designed for women who are looking to conceive or who are having problems and want to investigate their ovarian reserve (their store of good viable eggs). If you also want to check whether you are ovulating normally, then our Progesterone test, taken on day 21 of your cycle will confirm this.

Female Hormone Check is another day 3 test but includes a wider number of markers which investigate fertility in more detail – including the male (androgen) hormones which are associated with polycystic ovaries. This test is a must for any woman wanting to examine the full range of her reproductive hormones whether for fertility, menstruation or menopause.

Female Hormone Check Advanced is our most comprehensive test aimed at women who want to check both their reproductive and thyroid hormones. Thyroid disorders not only mimic some of the symptoms of a hormone imbalance or menopause, but can also affect fertility and the risk of miscarriage. This test is perfect for anyone who wants a full check of their reproductive and thyroid hormones.

For the men, we’ve combined our best-selling Hormone Check Male and Hormone Check Plus Male into one all-encompassing profile:

Male Hormone Check is an in-depth panel of male and female hormones which impact masculinity, muscle and strength, bone density, body composition (distribution of muscle and fat) and fertility. This test is a must for any man wanting to understand their hormone levels and investigate symptoms that they think may be hormone related. PS – it includes prolactin for the first time.

The sharp-eyed among you may have noticed that there is actually very little difference between the male and female profiles. That’s because we all have both male and female hormones circulating in our bodies but at very different levels. It’s when the levels get out of range for our age and gender (as well as in proportion to other hormones in our bodies) that the problems can start. 
So, can a man buy a female check and vice versa? The answer is yes (and they often do) – we will report your result against the range which is correct for your gender. 

The important thing for all hormone tests is to let our doctors know why you are taking the test and whether you are taking any hormone supplements that could influence the results. That way we can tailor our advice to you more usefully. 

Interested in learning more about hormones? Keep your eyes open for our hormone series in the coming weeks.

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