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Health Screening on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours

Medichecks were invited to take part in a debate regarding the benefits of health screening on BBC Radio 4.

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Health Screening has always has its naysayers, with NHS GP’s among them, but Doctor Dr Helen Webberley is not one of them. She believes that the Medichecks service catches many people that the NHS can’t, especially surgery-shy men and busy working people who prefer to take a test at their convenience, rather than try to make an appointment at an overloaded GP’s surgery.

By offering comprehensive health screens at affordable prices, Medichecks also has the advantage of screening people who don’t fall into the age category or even the catchment for some of the NHS evidence based screening programmes.

As Dr Helen points out in the broadcast, some of the problems of screening are just as relevant to the NHS screening programmes as a test done privately; blood tests which come back just outside the parameters (we will always tell patients when a reading is of no clinical significance) or unsuspected problems being identified while looking for another.

We fully support all the public health initiatives to get people to lead a healthier lifestyle and believe that getting people to take an interest in their health through screening means that there is an opportunity for education and discussion. A health screening which throws up no problems is far from being a "waste of money" – rather it is a great motivational tool to get people to stick to their well-being targets, especially if they see improvements year after year.

Listen to the Medichecks Chief Medical Advisor, Dr Helen Webberley broadcasting live on Radio 4's You and Yours in response to Sense About Science's updated edition of Making Sense of Screening.

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