Get Medichecked - Our First TV Advert


Have you seen our new TV advert?


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This week our first ever TV advert was aired to encourage more people to take control of their health and get Medichecked. 

It is the norm to have regular dental and sight checks-ups, so why shouldn't we have regular health check-ups too? Whether you are looking to diagnose a condition, monitor how your lifestyle choices are affecting your inner health or find out how you could be improving your sporting performance, Medichecks has the test for you!

Monitoring wellness is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. By having regular health checks, you can easily track any changes (for the better or worse) and act accordingly, safe in the knowledge that you are doing everything in your power to achieve and maintain good health. 

We're making it even easier to Get Medichecked with offers on our top-of-the-range profiles. Check-out our best-selling offers here

Get Medichecked and know yourself inside and out!

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