Blood Tests for Beginners

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First time ordering a health check? Here are some useful tips on surviving your first blood test.


Helen Marsden

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Trypanophobia, Aichmophobia, Belonephobia- call it what you want, they all amount to the same thing: the fear of needles, and therefore of blood tests.

A few people may get a strange thrill from phlebotomy, but for the majority of us a blood test is not a red letter day, more of a 'necessary evil'. Despite having worked for us for several months, one member of the Medichecks team, Harriet, had never actually experienced a blood test herself. Instead of congratulating her on this, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to show just how easy is it to undergo one of our health screens. Having revealed herself to be a 'needle phobic' we knew she wouldn't jump at the chance- luckily the Medichecks team are quite persuasive!

Sitting in the waiting room together, the tension was palpable but with deep breaths, we managed to get Harriet's heart rate down to something nearing normal. Practising what we preach, I agreed to accompany the subject of our blood test into the room. Before a needle had even been produced, Harriet looked over into the corner of the room and proceeded to talk non-stop, without even pausing for breath, about anything and everything. Sure enough three minutes later the 'ordeal' was over and enough blood had been collected for a Well Woman Ultravit to be conducted on the sample. 

Once the customary cup of water had been drunk, we spoke to Harriet about her experience "I was incredibly nervous and scared before, I had never had a blood test at the doctor let alone volunteered to have blood taken. To be honest, I had made a fuss over nothing! I didn't look at all while the nurse was collecting the blood, I talked to my colleague and basically pretended it wasn't happening. I honestly didn't feel much at all, a very small scratch if anything".

If we still haven't convinced you that phlebotomy is far from traumatic, you may be reassured to know that many of our blood tests and health screens can be completed from a few drops of blood from your finger. This means that you can collect a blood sample in the comfort of your own home with an easy-to-use kit, and then send the sample off to our accredited laboratory for analysis. 

The peace of mind gained from having one of our health screens, such as the Well Woman Ultravit, far outweighs the reservations you may have about having a blood test. There really is nothing to worry about. You are in safe hands with Medichecks!

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