Are you in the diabetes danger zone?


Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser provided comment on the advantages and availability of home testing for diabetes


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Every day it seems that we are bombarded with alarming headlines about the global obesity problem. As our waistlines grow – thanks to a diet of junk food, sweet treats and increasingly inactive lifestyles – something else is on the rise: diabetes.

Recent stats show that more than four million Brits are suffering from the condition – up 65 per cent in the last decade – and much of the problem is linked to obesity. The country's hotspots include Bradford, West Yorkshire where just under ten per cent of registered doctor's patients have been diagnosed with the condition, followed closely by Sandwell and West Birmingham where nine per cent are affected, and cases are rising rapidly.

Doctors diagnose diabetes using a blood test, and home testing is becoming increasingly popular. “Our Diabetes Check, costs under £70 and can be taken from the convenience of your own home” says Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser.

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