Aborted Junior doctor strike puts pressure on NHS services - but there is a solution



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The proposed strike by junior doctors angry at the terms and conditions imposed on them by a new government contract may have been called off late last night, but hospitals across the country will still feel the effects this morning. A limited number of junior doctors will be providing emergency care in hospitals while 4,000 patients were told that their treatment had been delayed.

A report published last week by the Royal College of Emergency Medicine found that A&E waiting times were "getting worse" (http://bbc.in/1Xkh049) with frequent issues occurring such as the discharge of patients and routine care being postponed or cancelled. The College's President, Dr Cliff Mann, predicted that with further cuts to front-line services planned, "the worst is yet to come." Many medical experts including NHS GP Dr Helen Webberley support supplementary, non-emergency private health care that is readily available over the internet to work alongside the NHS and both ease the pressure and lower costs on the public sector.

Everyday health testing by organisations such as Medichecks are often more efficient and patient-focused than the NHS. Dr Webberley said: "With more news and concern within the NHS, this time over the Junior Doctors' strike action, it does once again raise questions about the future of the NHS.

"As an NHS GP and also Chief Medical Adviser of Medichecks, I see more and more people choosing the convenience of self-funded medical care."Waiting times are ever-increasing for both scheduled and non-scheduled care, and patients are looking for low-cost private options more and more. Is it time to actively supplement the bursting purse seams with affordable supplementary care that is readily available using the ease of the internet?

"While I am a huge fan of the NHS, perhaps for simple non-emergency care the increasing access to Internet-based options is proving more and more popular?" Medichecks are pioneers in the provision of online blood testing and health screening, offering more than 1200 tests and health checks which are affordable, convenient, confidential and assessed by accredited laboratories. Read a complete list of medical tests offered by Medichecks.

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