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Medichecks Chief Medical Adviser, provided comment on the seven vital health checks every woman should have.


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To pre-empt problems when you’re older, it’s wise to get checked out for certain things sooner rather than later. Feeling healthy right now? Don’t be too complacent; recent research* found that almost half of people in their late 30s are at increased risk of illness and poor health later in life, as we put off making positive changes to our lifestyle.

Bowel Checks

Why? Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer in the UK but accounts for the second highest number of deaths, so it’s essential to have regular tests.

What is it? This involves submitting a specimen of your stool for analysis through a postal self test kit. Everyone aged 60 to 74 is sent a free home test kit every two years from the NHS, but you can take the test if you are younger than this.

It’s important to catch bowel cancer early, so get checked out at 40. The test can detect tiny amounts of blood in the stool which can indicate cancer or precancerous polyps. These polyps can be removed before they go on to cause any harm.

Medichecks Bowel Cancer Check priced at only £39 is a discreet, confidential test taking any embarrassment out of the process.

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