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Client testimonials

Mr Norton - Kent

I just wanted to say thank you for your service, which is much appreciated. I ordered a Thyroid panel and although I feel a bit odd being happy with a 'positive' result, it answers so many questions. I have been having symptoms for over 10 years, have close family members with related Thyroid conditions and so far I've felt ignored by my GP. Ordering and taking the test was surprisingly easy and whenever I phoned your offices, your staff were always helpful and understanding. Thank you for helping me and I'm sure I will be recommending you to family and friends in the future.


Miss L - Birmingham

Thanks so much for your help - thanks to these test results, I got a diagnosis of hypothyroidism from my GP. I now have some real hope that I can start to feel better.


Mr Daniel - Nottingham

Since my food intolerance test I've not looked back - all my symptoms of bloating, lethargy and moodiness have gone. My wife says that I'm like a new man, and to be honest I feel like one!


Mrs Joyce - Lancashire

I am really happy with the service provided by Medichecks, I have felt so unwell for months and they found something which answers why I am always so tired. They are so quick when dealing with the results and the website is excellent and keeps you informed of what is happening. The report they provide is very detailed. A special thanks to Beth Brown who has been so efficient throughout.


Ms Baker - Worcestershire

I had had 3 urine samples that my GP had sent to hospital for testing and all 3 came back with heavy mixed growth, nothing substantial. Medichecks found two organisms Escherichia coli and citrobacter freundii. Thank you Medichecks for finding what the the hospital could not, despite my clear symptoms of infection. I recommend Medichecks.


Mr B - Cambridgeshire

Many thanks for your extremely efficient and professional service. Thankfully a good test result for me. Your service offers quick peace of mind in stressful situations.


Miss L - Birmingham

Thanks so much for your help - thanks to these test results, I got a diagnosis of hypothyroidism from my GP. I now have some real hope that I can start to feel better. I won't hesitate to use your company again and to recommend you to others. :) Many, many thanks,


Ms Barker - Oxfordshire

I went to the lab in London at lunchtime and by the time I got home I had been emailed to say that my results were back. What a brilliant service!


Miss Sands - Oxfordshire

Medichecks is easy to use, has the widest range of tests in the UK that can be done at home, and they take a pragmatic approach. The customer services are easy to deal with and I was impressed when the lab technician called me to advise my report was uploaded, and made reference to previous tests and the improvement in results, I felt very looked after, thank you!


Mr Matthews - Reading

I would like to thank the team at Medichecks for their excellent and professional service. I was very impressed with the overall delivery of the Well Man Check Plus service from the booking, receiving the documentation and sample kits, to the appointment and post results report. Everything was comprehensive and clear plus the engagement with the staff involved very friendly and engaging. I would highly recommend Medichecks as a provider for health screening services.


Mrs Buckley - Suffolk

I am just writing to say what excellent service I have received in relation to the Vit D test I ordered. I phoned to ask about using Recorded Delivery and had a really warm, friendly and informed and professional response from a very, very nice lady who took the call. There wasn't a lengthy and frustrating "press Number "-" for . . . " to go through before my call was answered and I didn't have to wait in a queue for my call to be answered and once answered I didn't feel "rushed" at all during the call. This morning I received an email to say my results were available online and I was also called to be told my results by the same really nice woman I spoke with yesterday as she said she recognised my Results and wanted to reassure me as quickly as possible given the trouble I had had getting enough blood to fill the phial and knowing I was dreading having to possibly redo the test. I can't speak highly enough of the service.


Mr Gallifant - Oxford

We all need to become more proactive about our health and knowing our health numbers is crucial to building and controlling our health picture. I recently had a full Wellman Plus check with Medichecks and found service outstanding. It was highly efficient and professional with the results delivered promptly with a clear clinical explanation giving pointers as to how I could improve my health position. If you are serious about health and wellbeing, either individually or as a employer, Medichecks is highly recommended.


Ms Smith - London

I was delighted to win the free Well Person Check when I signed up to the Medichecks Newsletter. I've always wanted a health check (I'm in my 40's now) but couldn't bear the idea of giving blood. When I saw that Medichecks could do a full health screen from a finger prick sample I plucked up the the courage to have a go - and it was really easy! I even bought a Female Hormone Check too as my sisters are menopausal and I wanted to see what my own hormone status was. One day after the posting the sample the Medichecks nurse phoned me to say that all my results were within the normal ranges. I was so pleased I went round with a smile on my face for the rest of the day! Thank you Medichecks!


Miss Taiwo - Lincolnshire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your help with my blood tests. The last of the results just came through and they were exactly what I need for my clinical rotations. I had been running around like a crazy person for over a month before you guys efficiently sorted things for me in under 2 weeks. So thank you!


Mr Pepworth - Bristol

I have used many times now and the quality of service and support is always outstanding and good value for money.


Mr Patel - London

As usual your services are excellant, prompt & very cooperative and considerate. Thank you all very much and my best wishes. God Bless You.


Mr Koster - Berkshire

I would like to thank you for your excellent service and help. I was called on the day you received my samples for a "well man check plus" test by Eileen Hall and was explained how things would proceed. My results came through quickly and a day or 2 later Eileen and I spoke again, at length. Eileen explained my results in a professional, yet friendly and attentive manner, answered my questions and ensured that I was clear about everything. I felt cared for. My report arrived the next day and included recommended life changes and suggestions, and possible further tests that may help me. The whole experience showed that having a health check can be an easy, agreeable and clarifying procedure and one that even the most reticent person could embrace with ease.


Mr Young - Norfolk

A wonderful service that empowers the patient.The system is fast and data is often available next day if you are particularily anxious to learn of a result. Medichecks is an efficient and comprehensive organisation that I have not seen before outside of the USA.


Mr Burman - Berkshire

May I take this opportunity to commend on an excellent service. I will be using the company's services again in the future.


Mr Luck - London

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how impressed I've been with Medichecks at every stage. The range of tests & website as a whole is excellent. Everyone I've spoken to on the phone or via email has been friendly, professional & knowledgeable. I will definitely be using Medichecks in the future for regular check ups & will be recommending your services to family & friends.


Mr Floyd - Cheshire

Just wanted to say what a totally professional set up you have. 3 weeks ago a UTI sample came back negative from whoever my GP uses, although it was really obvious that's what I had. So I decided to use medichecks to get a test result done privately. Guess what? The test came back positive & I am now being treated for the problem. If it was'nt for medichecks I would still be suffering a very painful UTI. Thank you very much ,I am eternally grateful.


Mrs Manarin - Hertfordshire

You have been very helpful and went beyond your duties; so good to know that there are still people out there that care about others!


Mrs Graham - Lancashire

I would just like to express my sincere thanks to Medichecks for the speedy and efficient service you have provided. My blood test results were back to me in less than 24 hours and the follow up phone contact and email reports have been extremely helpful. I have nothing but praise for both the staff who I have been in contact with and obviously the people one never meets in the background who carry out the tests and admin. I would recommend your company to anyone for the courteous, friendly, proffesional and considerate way you deal with clients, I will definitely come back to you if I need any further help with concerns about health issues.


Mrs Young - Derbyshire

Thank you so much for your prompt response to my request. I am certainly very impressed with your efficient service and will use you again and certainly recommend you.


Mr Moreton - Staffordshire

Thank you for the results. Excellent service and I have already recommended this site to a friend.


Mr Richards - Sweden

I really am very pleased with the way you have handled my case. Everything has run just so quickly and smoothly as one ever could wish. This is what I call excellent work, giving 100% trust and reliability for the client. Many thanks from a very pleased client in Sweden.


Miss Murray - Glasgow

I must say - this is an excellent service! I am really impressed!


Mrs Ranson - Hampshire

I have found Medichecks provides an invaluable service with the wide range of medical testing they provide. The staff are professional and extremely helpful. I highly recommend Medichecks and would happily give them a 10/10.


Mr Johnstone - London

Thank you for the fast and efficient service. After being told I would have to wait 7 weeks for my test appointment on the NHS I was relived to find that Medichecks could do my test in a week. Thank you again.


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